Magazine Layouts

I had some fun practicing magazine layouts last week. I feel like the organization of grids and columns is so easily overlooked as a foundational design element, even by me. Yet layouts done well, can make it. And doing them poorly can certainly break it. So I figured a little practice would be good.

So Many Tattoos

Going through old work and seeing this shoot I did in Portland.

Portland tattoo artist Sean Lanusse set out to tattoo 30 people on his 30th birthday, and I figured I couldn't let such an event go undocumented (besides in permanent ink). It was fun to be involved in such an outrageous (and awesome and completely accomplished!) goal.

Check it out.


I have been spending time going through old hard drives and have been finding some really fun stuff. I really enjoyed a lot of these images I had taken for Emily a few years ago and decided to post a few of my favorites.

Click the image to view the gallery.

Old Images

My grandmother possesses a large number of images dating back to the 1800s from various members of our family. Unfortunately over the past few years, I have witnessed both my grandmother and mother cut up and throw away some incredible images, because "they're of nothing." (in other words, they were artsy. haha)

Because of incidents like this, I have deemed myself the family photo thief, where I steal photos that I am afraid may succumb to the same demise as far too many before them (aka, they find their way to the garbage). 

Recently I stole a set of black and white images from around 1910 that I believe my great grandfather took in the Seattle area.

Here are some of those images, of the mountains, the S.S. Kennedy (a passenger steamboat in the Puget Sound), and what I think is Seattle at sunset.

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